Bluetooth car adapter

Bluetooth car adapter

Do you drive an old car or a car without hands free Bluetooth kit? Do you like this car and even though your friends and family ask you to change, you want to stay with this old good car? Have you realised that even though you like your car, you need a bit more technology in it? Well, we have a good tool for you to use with your beloved car. Our Bluetooth car adapter is a great product which will connect to the jack plug of your car to make it become a technology Advanced one !

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What is it?

A Bluetooth adapter for car is a small plug you will plug into the jack connection of your car. Thanks to this adapter, you will be able to display music or answer calls without having to hold your phone. Thanks to this buetooth car adapter, your safety in the car will be increased as you will not be tempted to answer a phone call from your phone or be disturb by a radio change. The sound will be premium quality and you can connect up to 2 devices at the same time on the Bluetooth car adapter. This adapter can also connect to other Bluetooth devices such as headsets. A great stuff about this car adapter: you can play up to 10 hours of music or calls and it will only take an hour and a half to be fully charged !

What are the specificities?

This car bluetooth adapter is compatible with all brands and Bluetooth devices, which make it a great tool to use. A small inconvenient of the device will be that it will not automatically turn on even if you turn on your car. If it does, you will need to turn it on yourself which will take around 2-3 seconds. However, a good point the Bluetooth car adapter has is the fact that it will automatically reconnect to your phone once you have done the first pairing. Available in 3 colors, this Bluetooth car adapter is also very affordable which make it a great companion for the road !

This Bluetooth car adapter is a great tool for people driving a car without bluetooh or hands free system. Indeed, it can be dangerous and cost a lot of money (if you get arrested answering your phone while driving) to answer a phonecall or to change the music during your drive. That is why we thought this tool might be useful to you. With a premiuim-quality sound, this adapter is easy to connect with up to 2 devices and reconnects automatically to your phone once you have already paired it once. The only improvement point we know for this adapter is that it will not Always turn on with the car turning on. You will have to do it yourself once your car is on.